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Turntable Cover

This is a great 3rd hand technics slalom table that needs some repairs. The tab/hinge might work or not, but the table cannot. We will provide the table, and you can provide the repair.

Empire 598 or 698 Turntable Motor Cover Solid Black Walnut

Empire 598 or 698 Turntable Motor Cover Solid Black Walnut

By Custom Made American Black Walnut


Turntable Covers

The turntable is a greatly underrated tool for music production. It can be used to change the tone and intensity of your music, which can create more intense and sounds on your tracks. if you're looking to get started in music production, be sure to check out the turntable course! It provides everything you need to get started with turntables, including tips and tricks.

Custom Made Turntable Dust Covers

This is a custom made turntable dust cover that we can help create for you this dust cover is made out of durable materials and will protect your turntable. It is made to fit the style of the turntable and has a keyless-grille for easy access to your purchase. this dust cover also comes with a repair kit to fix any issue with it, such as the fit, color, or even the material. if you're interested in purchasing this custom made turntable dust cover, please call us at 1-800-strict-tainter (1-800-strict-turn) and we will be happy to answer any questions. this replacement turntable dust cover will go over the hinged cover on the left side of the turntable. The part number is 5akedown723 and it is related to technics galacticos 12ax8merit series. It is not related to any other turntable part related topics. The part is made of plastic and it is related to the jigsaw saw that is used to clean the blade on the turntable. this dust cover turntable is perfect for audio enthusiasts! It is acrylic in nature and turn usage into their favorite music industryons! This great addition to any audio room! this technology table dust cover for the sl3300, sl3300sl, d2mcs6205 and others machines includes a cover plate and lens. It protects the machine from dust and debris. The cover plate is made of durable plastic and the lens is made of plastic. The dust cover can be customized to fit your machine.