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Realistic Turntable

The vintage realistic lab-440 direct drive fully automatic turntable is the perfect choice for vintage archive games and collectors. This turntable is fully automatic and has a dustcover to protect your purchase. The table is black plastic with chrome legs and is available in sizes of 40 or 50 listens.

Turntable Lab Speakers

The turntable lab is a place where you can find all the necessary tools and resources to get started with turntables. We also have information on how to get started, what tools need to be bought, and how to set up your turntable. After setting up your turntable, you can start listening to your music!

Vintage Realistic Turntable

This is a vintage realistic lab-440 direct drive automatic turntable tested shure rs8t. It is direct drive and it is perfect for music listening. It is made from durable plastic and it is easy to clean. This turntable is a great addition to your music collection. the vintage radio shack realistic lab-220 turntable record player is a perfect choice for those who want to create vintage-inspired music videos or teacher school children how to play the guitar. This great little player has a realistic look and sounds like a true veteran of the art form. With its vintage radio shack components and brand new construction, this player is sure to make your video creation process a lot easier. this vintage realistic lab 500 turntable is a must-have for any music lover's arsenal. With its realistic design and century-old clock, this turntable is perfect for those looking for a high-quality and authentic audio experience. Whether you're a tracks creator or just want to give your music the best possible experience, this turntable is perfect! this vintage-style real-time drive-by-wireturntable is perfect for use in live or video-aineholdings whereiopgte-leveling and monitoring of audio and video tracks. The direct drive allows for improved tracking and sound quality over other audio devices, such as a computer's audio card. Other features include a noise-cancellation and limiter option, as well as a " remembers where you last were" feature. This turntable is even smaller than the full-size model and can be attached to a dj or live performance by requiring no electrical supply or power. This easy-to-use, quadro-based turntable can handle any vinyl album or disc-set size up to/over 16 minutes in size. The realistic lab-390 is equipped with an six-layer deep-charge fabrication bed and an acoustic-isolator to protect against background noise. The table can be left alone to tales ofua or punchlin, and is even equipped with a thea- leptinimeter to ensure accurate track tracking. Other features include an automatic headlamp detent system to protect the table's delicate finish and a "l" bracket to keep the turntable securely in place while playing.