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Optimus Turntable

The optimus lab-460 belt drive automatic turntable record play tested is perfect for listening to records. It is automatic and easy to use, and it record plays the music you select automatically. This turntable is a great choice for anyone looking for an automatic record player.

Optimus 1100 Turntable

The optimus 1100 turntable is a high-quality, high-end turntable that is sure to fulfill your music needs. This turntable has all the features and features that you need to be able to achieve the perfect music sound. This turntable is sure to give you the perfect sound when you need it to.

Optimus Lab 1100 Turntable Price

If you're looking for a fully automatic turntable that you can use to create music, you need a belt. That's why our optimus lab 1100 belt is perfect for you. It's fully automatic, so you can go about your music the way you want, and it's also lightweight and comfortable to wear. Plus, it's available in two different colors, black and white, to give you an extra layer of convenience. this optimus lab-1100 turntable is a great choice for those who want a good sound and easy operation. The turntable has a weight of only about 50 pounds and is easy to use with a one-time purchase of a power switch. The optimus lab-1100 also includes a recording function and is affordable for both the small business and the average person. optimus belt drive turntable is back with a new and improved design! This turntable comes with a large cd-rom drive, so you can easily load and play your cd or dvd movies or videos. Plus, the large tv screen makes it easy to check your movie rushes or announcements. Plus, the rotator crank can be used to move the turntable forward or backwards, so you can enjoy your music in all types of fashion. this radio shack optimus belt drive is a great old timey drive system for a turntable. It is made of metal and plastic and works great. It is a good old timey system that is easy to use and makes listening to your music fun.