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Fluance Turntable

Our fluance turntable record player ortofon cartridge is the perfect high fidelity vinyl turntable for music lovers. It features a sleek design with an easy to use controls, ortofon converters, and comes with a great sound quality.

Fluance Turntables

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Fluance Reference Turntables

The fluance reference turntables are the perfect choice for anyone looking to buy a vinyl record player. These amazing tables can play any type of vinyl record, whether they be singles, album tracks, or compilation tracks. The table can also play digital files, so you can your music needs always had in reach. With its high-quality vinyl finish and stylus reader, the fluance reference turntables is perfect for anyone looking for an impressive and impressive music experience. this turntable is a must-have for any collection of music lovers. With it, you'll get access toan extensive and beautiful vinyl music collection. The turntable is easy to use and can handle high-quality recordings with ease. the fluance reference turntable reference series is a high fidelity vinyl turntable that record players can use to hears music for the first time. This series comes with a natural-looking turntable body, a high-quality cartouche and a high-quality record player body. The turntable can be used to play music from a digital source, such as an sd card, or a 3d image. The cartouche is designed to give users a traditional musical experience. The record player body is made from high-quality materials that will provide users with a professional-grade experience. the fluance rt85 is a high-idelity vinyl turntable record player that uses a fluance cartridge. The cartridge provides avertyor for superior sound quality and a higher degree of accuracy.