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Empire Turntable Cartridge

The empire turntable cartridge holder is a must-have for any aspiring audio professional! This easy to use set of items makes inserting and removing cartridges a easy andqummi takes care of everything!

Empire Turntable Cartridge Amazon

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Empire Turntable Cartridge Ebay

This is a great vintage audiophile cartridge for a empire turntable like the turntable model 208. The cartridge has all the standard shure maltanis recordsords paper tonearm options, but with a vintage audiophile border on the battlefield carte. The border is in black on the picture. The cartridge is in great condition with no any flaws. It is also a good deal at $8. 00 per unit. the audio empireturntable cartridge holder slot nuts are designed to secure your audio cartridge to the turntable - preventing it from moving. They're black and fit on all standard turntables, giving you an secure fit. The slot is also easily accessible, making it easy to use for users. The empire 3100 is a high-quality turntable cartridge. It is tested and perfect for the classic empire 3000 mkiii. It contains a large amount of sound potential, making it perfect foraudiophile applications. the empire 2000 is a new, high-quality phono cartridge for the headshell tonearm turntable. This great cartridge contains all the necessary features to make playing music with your speakers really turn you on. Whether you’re ahead of the times or just starting out, the empire 2000 is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a high-quality, on-the-go phono cartridge.